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Neil Ordish

Neil Ordish

Qualified NLP Master Practitioner

I am a qualified NLP master practitioner helping people overcome many different issues, I use a combination of NLP/ neuroscience and real life situations. With the experience gained over the years I have developed some unique strategies that work really well. Clients I have helped have had issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, anger, relationship issues, weight problems and more, I show people how to make changes that last.

I currently help a number of charities and have worked with Bromford group, Stonham, Nightstop, YMCA,  BARN, Housing Options, Fortis living, Britten st wellbeing hub, Unison, CAMHS the list keeps growing. I have a number of clients who I see via Skype appointments this method has proven to be equally successful as clients have the flexibility to be wherever they want for appointments.

My philosophy is based upon a goals formula and a few other formulas which ensure that each person is treated individually and that the individual needs are met. I believe that to create long term change takes a longer term approach I support and coach depending upon need to create lasting change.

Some people I have worked with have overcome issues such as long term addiction (30) years, weight problems, severe depression, severe anxiety, and long term unemployment. I am a friendly and down to earth person with a real understanding of the challenges life brings, people find me easy to talk to and trust.

I have a background in project management and property development I also run my own property portfolio.

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