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What is HeadGym coaching?

HeadGym Coaching approach  .

Our approach is Goals oriented HeadGym will help you set goals, giving you techniques and strategies so you can stride towards these ambitions. Sessions are about you, about how you feel and about your personal issues and your mental well being.  You may be talking about issues which are delicate and bring up unhappy memories. It can also be about careers and your work life. You can focus on getting that promotion you want or training for a job you yearn for. It’s about becoming more confident, having greater self esteem and resilience.
HeadGym believe that every situation is changeable, you don’t have to be stuck in a time when you were unhappy; HeadGym believe that everybody can change and become their best self and that is what we aim to help you do.

Who would benefit from coaching and how could HeadGym help?

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I have decided to get some support, what happens next?

At HeadGym, we believe your mind and body are equally important and we view every client as a fresh individual. There is no set format to follow; your plan will be just that, ‘Your Plan’ and it will be different to everyone else’s because it is personal to you.

You will be allocated a trained coach They will welcome you, make you feel at ease and listen to you without judging. With their assistance you will change negative views through reframing, you will learn new techniques and methods make your way to the life you want.

There is no set time for coaching, we can go as fast or slow as you need, some people may show initial improvement after only a few sessions whilst others require more; there is no right amount.

For example, you have a gambling problem and you work with a mentor who teaches you strategies, it may be our REBOOT technique, as with any addiction there is no quick fix. You may feel able to stop for a few weeks but then it becomes hard and you need support again, HeadGym understand that sometimes things are tough and you may need prolonged reassurance or other strategies to reach that ultimate goal.

That’s why HeadGym offer a flexible approach, we understand life is tough and there are always going to be times that cause stress and anxiety but with the help of HeadGym, you CAN get the life you WANT!

The only thing we ask of you is that you ‘want’ to change so we can help you begin your journey to a better life.

HeadGym specialist work with young people.

HeadGym work with young people from age 10 upwards we have extensive experience helping young people through 1 to 1 coaching. Our approach is solutions focused and based upon up to date neuroscience, we have successfully helped hundreds of young people to overcome their obstacles and lead happy fulfilled lives. Some of the issues we have helped with are listed here. We work closely with NHS children’s services (CAMHS) and are the recommended service of choice for CAMHS in Redditch & Bromsgrove.

Issues we can help with.

The most profitable investment is the one you’re making to your own health. Do not miss your chance to get stronger, healthier, self-confident and tons of positive energy! Sign up to the Headgym to build yourself esteem!