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Who is HeadGym?

Qualified NLP Master Practitioner

HeadGym was set up in 2010 by Neil Ordish.
Neil is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. He also hold a level 4 PTTLS certificate and has up to date Safeguarding, Mentoring and Self Harm Awareness training as well as Adult Mental Health and Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Neil has management experience both in the UK and Asia and understands how stressful a job can be.

Why was HeadGym set up?

Five years ago Neil noticed that people with mental health issues and mental health illness in his local area had limited support, so after looking into it he saw a huge gap in services and support for people.
His findings after speaking to individuals and professionals were:

  • GP’s could offer anti-depressants and a promise that they would refer you to a professional
  • Professionals have waiting lists of up to 18 months
  • Immediate emergency assistance for people with mental health illness was time limited and there is no support afterwards.

Neil decided to make a change, however small it was going to be, Neil wanted to offer support so he set up HeadGym, with a view improving lives. He then became involved with MHAG (Mental Health Action Group), a local group who share ideas on how to make positive changes.

Neil’s philosophy is based upon a goals formula and a other techniques, which ensure that each person is treated individually and that the individual needs are met. Neil believes that to create long term change you have to look at a long term approach, there is no quick fix if you want to create a lasting change.

So far…

Neil has worked with a number of charities, GP’s, Trade Unions, Early Help, local governments, companies and private clients and the results have been amazing!

Neil’s latest project is a community based, long term mentoring scheme, set up to support people in the community the only catch was funding came with criteria’s e.g. you had to be a male with a child under the age of five.
Neil wanted to offer support to everyone so he got in touch with the local council and began assisting on a ‘Time for Change’.
Time for Change aims to reduce the stigma around mental health and promotes a positive approach for wellbeing at work. In just over a month Neil went from having ten clients to over thirty.
HeadGym has grown into the ideal service for individuals and companies through the creation of the ‘Wellbeing at Work’ package; ‘Improve employees well being and as a result improve productivity’, everyone’s a winner!


Neil supported people in confidence building groups, men only groups, one to one sessions, couples and all HeadGym clients have made great progress.
Due to the fact that his new clients were working, Neil had to be flexible and introduced a Skype service, which has proven to be very successful.

The Future

Neil would like to be able to reach everyone who wants to make a change to improve their future but he can’t do it on his own. Due to HeadGym’s success and the fact that there are so many more people who require support, Neil is currently training mentors in his techniques.

If you would like to make a change be it in business, your career or your personal life, then get in contact with HeadGym and take the first step to a better life.

Lets get started
Phone: 0121 364 4553
Email: info@headgym.co.uk
157a Easemore Road, Riverside
Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8HU