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Currently Fundraising to train 400 teachers in Cambodia's poorest provinces.
We are currently fundraising to provide comprehensive mental health training to Teachers and Children in some of Cambodia's most underprivileged regions.

We are raising £10,000 in order to change the lives of children born into poverty, facing problems such as HIV, Trafficking, Abandonment, Malnutrition, Abuse and more. We believe with early intervention strategies, safe inclusive classrooms and the right resources and education we can change underprivileged children's lives and futures for the better.

Alongside SPEAkup coach & training community we are fundraising with a goal of £10,000. If you are interested in making a contribution and changing lives, click the button below. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Make a difference with HeadGym.
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We have established an excellent reputation providing training courses for groups and organisations with

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What are the definitions of coaching and mentoring? A lot of people ask that question because they think that


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We have been a member of the CPD Standards Office since 2019 and have passed the rigorous assessment process for our training activities to become an accredited CPD provider. This accreditation sets us apart as a trusted provider of CPD-accredited training and enables us to issue formal CPD certificates post-training courses, ensuring delegates can achieve mandatory and reflective CPD requirements.

Accreditation through the CPD Standards office means that any professional, from any industry, can claim a CPD certificate from an approved CPD provider. It is a streamlined process, and for training providers with a rich and diverse set of delegates; it saves time and money registering with multiple institutes and regulators.

By completing CPDSO-accredited learning activities, delegates can be confident that they are consuming high-quality, innovative and informative content that will provide knowledge that is immediately applicable in the workplace. Whether professionals have a mandatory CPD record to maintain or not, undertaking and recording formal CPD is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to keeping up to date. Continuing professional development (CPD) has a wide range of benefits for individuals, organisations and industries undertaking CPD, including;

  • Keeping skills and knowledge up to date
  • Career Progression
  • A professional sense of direction
  • Professional standards of qualifications and registrations are maintained
  • Confidence and credibility are built and enhanced


Neil Ordish explains what Headgym is and how it can help businesses and individuals

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