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HeadGym’s CPD accredited programme is truly the gold standard in Mental Health Coaching training. Reflecting our approach to everything we do as an organisation.

We believe in setting achievable goals and getting real results, all helping get people to where they need to be. We train our coaches to build up their practical skills and confidence, preparing them for any client-facing situation.

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We have established an excellent reputation providing training courses for groups and organisations with

What is personal development? Personal development is the process of learning about yourself in order to

What are the definitions of coaching and mentoring? A lot of people ask that question because they think that


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I can't even begin to capture in words how vital HeadGym is to the people in Redditch - not only for the Redditch Community but also for staff at the Borough Council. It is highly innovative and centres on the person and for me most importantly helps empower people to help themselves. At the Borough Council we very much believe in the philosophy of prevention is better than cure and that our services are built around what the client wants and not what we think they need - this is HeadGym in a nutshell. Not only do we need to make sure we don't lose HeadGym but we need to roll this out far wider.


Redditch Borough Council

HeadGym is providing a service in Redditch that my constituents have and are continuing to find helpful.  Innovation in the area of mental health services is required, and this service provides this, and also helps raise awareness.  It could prove a valuable therapy to patients in distress if it became available more widely.



Head Gym is a great service and has helped me achieve the success I have today, Without Head Gym I would never have got the help that I needed to help myself, I truly believe that Head Gym can help who is in need and looking for some support.



This support has changed the lives of people; it is not a sticking plaster; it empowers people who are low in self esteem and who have no direction in their lives, to choose their own path and go for it!


This is an invaluable service which must continue.  It's plugged the gap in mental health services available locally in a big way, and in my opinion, is proving much more effective that tradition psychological/psychiatric interventions.


The impact that the work has had on young people and parents has proved to be a long term solution which prevents other interventions later on.
The outcomes on young people, in particular, are outstanding and we need this service to continue and be even more widely available.


I have had experience of using HeadGym both personally and professionally and seen the benefits first hand. The families that have used this service have had positive life changing experiences in all aspects of their lives following depression, issues surrounding anxiety, poor self confidence and self esteem just to mention a few issues. To lose this service would be detrimental. To experience life coaching with HeadGym is a positive way of dealing with problems which differs to counselling although these areas of the past can be explored if needed. HeadGym focuses on goals and aspirations and using strategies to move forward. This service must be kept as so many lives and families have benefited. 


HeadGym have supported numerous families in Redditch with outstanding outcomes, making a real difference to people's lives.  Neil has provided a valuable service and met a demand from residents that is not being met by statutory services.  I have spoken to users of the service who cannot thank Neil enough for the improvement in their well-being that has not helped just them as individuals but their wider family.


The impact that HeadGym's approach is astounding. With a 100% increase in WEMWEBS Score's for all attendees, and this is just testament to Neil's dedication to his Clients and improving their mental wellbeing.


At this moment in time I am really enjoying my life, my life has new meaning and purpose. Things are very positive for me, that is down to the work I have been doing with Neil.

I can honestly say without it I would have ended my life.



Headgym has been really helpful and supportive during the 4/5 months I have attended. My anxiety levels were so high that it was severely impacting on my life. Neil gave me the tools to start managing my condition better.  Neil is always available to offer encouragement if needed. He offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can speak openly about anything. I have now completed my short term goals and with his help I am working towards longer term objectives.




When I first went to see Neil I was at the lowest point of my life and had been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time among other issues. I contemplated suicide daily and really thought I was at
the end of the road. With Neil's help I began a journey of self
healing and now I have found confidence, self belief and found an
inner peace I never thought possible. The journey would simply not have been possible without Neil's help and I can't speak highly
enough of him.



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