Wellbeing at Work

We have established an excellent reputation providing training courses for groups and organisations with amazing results. We believe that we have created the perfect balance of teaching and facilitating techniques to get the very best from your group. We design the training to meet your needs. first and foremost we believe that all people have
Wellbeing at WorkWellbeing at Work
Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development

Personal Development

What is personal development? Personal development is the process of learning about yourself in order to reach your potential. It’s important to consider your skills and what you are aiming to achieve – setting yourself personal goals with the intention of improving your quality of life, and helping you to be the person you aspire

Mentoring & Coaching

What are the definitions of coaching and mentoring? A lot of people ask that question because they think that coaching, mentoring and personal development are the same and certain aspects are; here’s where they are different: Coaching is more about success, careers and your work life. You can focus on getting that promotion you want
Mentoring & CoachingMentoring & Coaching


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How HeadGym works explained in 1 minute

How HeadGym works explained in 1 minute

HeadGym have developed some highly effective techniques based on the science in this video We use them to help people overcome depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, anger management, weight problems, eating disorders, relationship issues, phobias and other difficulties. If you would like to learn more contact us below and we will get back to you.

HeadGym help people overcome depression, stress and anxiety

HeadGym help people overcome depression, stress and anxiety

We have a new video which shows how our techniques work and why they work so well especially with overcoming depression, stress and anxiety. Using unique HeadGym techniques based upon the principles in this video we have helped clients with some of the most challenging mental health issues. Get on your yellow brick road with

Personal Development Webinar
30, Nov 2016 @14:30 UTC+1 BST



Neil Ordish explains what Headgym is and how it can help businesses and individuals


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Neil’s help has provided noticeable improvements for me since the very first session. He has pushed me to achieve tasks I have always struggled with by breaking them down into easily achievable goals until I could begin tackling them alone. With Neil’s support I have made significant improvements to my personal development and always finish the sessions feeling great and motivated for the next one.


Neil is a talented, compassionate and caring practitioner who calls on a variety of coaching and NLP tools to work with others. I can happily recommend his fun and interactive style of training which helps guide his clients to new ways of thinking and being.