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I have known Neil for nearly 2 years, and have been very impressed with the service that he and his fellow Wellbeing Consultants offer. In particular, I have found Neil knowledgeable, enthusiastic and extremely keen to see improved wellbeing in his clients. This has been echoed by patients of mine whom he has mentored, and his results have been excellent. I had the privilege of auditing the outcomes data for the service, and was impressed to see a marked improvement in all but one client across the patient journey using standardized WEMWEBS scoring. Importantly, with my own patients, these improvements have been maintained demonstrating sustainable change. Almost more importantly, in the client who was not improving, Neil recognized that there were more complex problems not suited to his role, and I find that insight almost more important than simply being “good” at his mentoring role.
He has a calm and engaging manner, a desire to work over and above that required, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him in his role as a Wellbeing Consultant/Mental Health Mentor.

In the two years that I have known Neil he has been a committed member of the Redditch Mental Health Action Group – the group meet monthly for anyone with an interest in improving mental health services and tackling the stigma surrounding mental health. Alongside the action group Neil supports the weekly support group for people with mental illness. The support group and the action group have been active in trying to improve and plug the gaps in provision for people with mental health needs across the town.

During that time Neil has led the mentoring scheme, a small team who provide one to one support for individuals with low level mental illness. Now in its second phase it has been crucial to reducing the need for individuals to seek more intensive therapies or support. I know one client personally, whose quality of life has massively improved due to the support Neil has given him and there are many others that I am aware of.

Neil is a reliable, positive person, who quietly gets on with improving the lives of people with mental ill health. He can be judged on the work he does and the difference he makes to the lives of the people he is working with. Another example of his dedication has been how much of Neil’s work has been unpaid in order to maintain continuity with his clients while funding streams have been worked up. Neil is a valued and active member of the community he serves and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Neil is what I would call a grounded, no nonsense coach. In my time as his supervisor I have been impressed by His professional approach to the valuable coaching service that he provides. He is always conscientious, caring and thorough In his commitment to clients. Perhaps the best thing about Neil though is that he walks his talk. In my many years working with and around coaches This is a rare thing and means that he carries the integrity and self-belief in his methods that ensures he always gets great results.’

Neil has been a key member of the Redditch Mental Health Action Group since its inception in 2013 and has brought a huge amount of knowledge and understanding to the group as well as being willing to give up an extensive amount of time to try and improve the mental health of people within the borough. Upon meeting Neil, it’s immediately apparent he is hugely passionate about helping others but not only that, he has the skills and know-how to do so. His mentoring project launched with other members of MHAG is inspiring and just what Redditch needs. I would recommend anyone to talk to Neil and see if he can help them.

Having worked closely with Neil and HeadGym over the past twelve months it has become absolutely apparent that intervention at the earliest point in an individual’s emotional and mental welfare is absolutely crucial. Working closely we have been able to start identifying individuals that may need extra support in the workplace, more so in a situation where there are likely to be “triggers” , where this has happened referrals to Neil have been made and we have had 95% of the referees stay in work, we believe if we had not had the referral scheme in place 100% of these individuals would have ended up going off sick, possibly long term.

HeadGym is an investment that you need to make in our workforce to be a productive and caring employer. Thank you HeadGym.

Bromsgrove and Redditch Early help has been working with HeadGym for 2 years.
We have worked in partnership to design and offer a unique and innovative service for people with well being and mental health difficulties, in response to over whelming local need.
HeadGym is a professional and bespoke service, providing life changing support to a range of individuals and over coming the barriers such individuals my face when looking to access help.
HeadGym has a community ethos and is committed to ethical practice, seeking to support those that need help in a way that suits their needs and is centred on their recovery.
HeadGym utilises a solution focused model to move people forward in their personal journeys and provides a wealth of evidence to demonstrate the success of this work. Evaluation tools are evidence based and each piece of work in underpinned by the relevant policies and procedures to ensure the safety and well being of each participant.
The service offered is invaluable and very much in demand.

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