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How is HeadGym different?

How is HeadGym different?

If you’re looking for some support then it can be very confusing to decide exactly who to turn to. There are many different types of coaching, mentoring, counselling and therapy out there and it can be a bit of a minefield when you’re researching which would work best for you.

So how is HeadGym different and what do we offer that you won’t get elsewhere?

Firstly, it’s a growing organisation of individuals who are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of as many people as we can through coaching, training and speaking.

But what does that mean and how is that different from ‘traditional’ counselling?

It means we look into the future rather than back at the past. Although any unresolved issues are discussed, it’s about concentrating on how you can start moving forward and then while you’re on that journey you’ll find you start dealing with the past in a much more effective way.

There is definitely merit in reflective (or ‘traditional’) counselling models and for some people it’s exactly what they need.

But others may be seeking something different and that’s where we come in, by letting them take control of their emotional state and giving them to tools and techniques to build their resilience so anything which happens in the future doesn’t rock them quite as much as it perhaps once would have done.

When someone has their first appointment with HeadGym, it’s very informal and relaxed. Normally we’ll meet face to face for the initial few sessions before potentially moving to appointments over an online system such as Skype.

We don’t hold appointments in clinical settings but instead we’re in community venues, which we find helps relax people further.

You’ll get a talk about the process, what you can expect and how we evaluate how it’s going. Then (if everyone is happy), it’s time to start the coaching using the HeadGym goals system – which you can read more about in lots of our other blog posts.

What’s great is we’ve had lots of clients who have tried other therapies which haven’t worked or haven’t been long-term enough to make a lasting impact.

They then come to us, get the techniques to help themselves, get to start looking into the future and get to decide how to progress. For a lot of them it’s made a real difference which is exactly what we’re here to do. 

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