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Become a HeadGym mentor

Become a HeadGym mentor


Become a HeadGym mentor

Neil Ordish

HeadGym FREE Training programme

Redditch summer 2015 

Learn the innovative techniques that have proven to be successful in  enabling individuals to make positive and lasting changes.

Who is it for?

The course is designed for people who have experience and or qualifications in mental health work, social work, mentoring, counselling, coaching, support work etc. The nature of the work and clients referred will require a level of skills prior to attending the course; delegates will be assessed prior, during and at the end of the course for suitability. Mentors will also require ongoing supervision and training to ensure personal well being and up to date skills, continual evaluation of suitability will also be a part of the supervisor’s role.

What is the timescale?

The course is a total 5 days over a 5 week period with tasks set between sessions it is fully interactive and involves scenarios that have occurred during the pilot study and current projects. A follow up 6th group session will take place 3 months into practical mentoring, a large part of the course involves role play and activity based learning.  Video is also used to review and evaluate performance.

What commitment is required?

The commitment is up to the mentor as long as it is regular from 1 hour per fortnight upwards.

Mentors will build a portfolio of results and experiences.

What is covered in the content?

 Guidelines and procedures

Mentoring & coaching the principles

Learning styles and status assessments

Mental health

Techniques & approaches

Creating changes the HeadGym techniques

Developing and nurturing

Ongoing support/ supervision

What is the desired outcome?

Successful candidates would be allocated a maximum of 8 clients who they would see on a fortnightly basis (4 appointments per week)

Mentors progress is monitored and the recognised (WEMWEB) well-being scale is used to measure progress with clients on a regular basis.

Have a go yourself with the interactive scale below:-

content provided by NHS Choices

If you are interested contact Neil at HeadGym

0121 364 4553


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