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 Follow the Yellow Brick Road with HeadGym

 Follow the Yellow Brick Road with HeadGym

My role as a coach means I get to meet some great people and in turn gain some great learning’s and tools that I can use to help others.

This week I was working with a client who has had some serious challenges that have taken their mental resilience to the limit. We have been using the HeadGym “positive path” technique (PPT); this has proven to be a valuable tool and has been instrumental in helping many of my clients. The positive path technique is based on 2 parallel paths and enables people to create their own positive past, present and future pathway.  Unfortunately life can deal us some pretty serious blows, ‘bad things can happen to good people’, things that we may have no control over, things that can really affect our mental health. PPT can help when facing some of these challenges.

While we were talking my client mentioned that they see the path as a “yellow brick road”, this meant more to me than just the image of the road.

One of my favourite stories is the Wizard of Oz not particularly for the film, although it’s definitely a classic, but more for the storyline.

As we all know they followed the yellow brick road to get to the wizard, a wizard who could give them what they thought they were missing.


Along their journey they discovered they already had what they were looking for, it was inside them all along.

This is the HeadGym philosophy and the basis of what I do. If you want to follow your yellow brick road to a better future, drop me a line.


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