It may be counterintuitive but the best place to start with improving relationships is to start with yourself that is why it is at number 1 on the list. Below are a few things you can do to help you on your way to making some positive changes.

  1. Be your best friend. Learning to love and accept yourself will create positive energy around you and you will feel happier all- around.
  2. Set relationship targets. Set yourself some relationship targets do this together, with your partner a friend, children or colleagues this way you are working towards the same end. This will help with clarity and communication which is often the problem or major obstacle in relationships.
  3. Put effort into your relationships People matter the most.
  4. See the good Give people the benefit of doubt make this a practice, you’ll be happier. You won’t question people as much or be so judgmental.
  5. Have family Discussions. Discuss with your family and as a family how things are going include everyone in this you can discuss personal goals, financial goals or anything else. It’s good to have time to catch up with each other.
  6. Connect. Stay connected to the people important to you, make an effort to stay in touch, even if you have to diarise to do it. Call one person you care about every day or arrange to meet those important to you on a regular basis. Over time, you’ll stay in touch with everyone.
  7. Don’t blame. Take ownership and take action. If you feel like your situation is someone else’s fault and constantly look to blame others, you’ll never change it.
  8. Disagree productively. Arguing or disagreements are part of any healthy relationship. Learn how to do it constructively and respectfully. No name calling, screaming or shouting.
  9. Say sorry and mean it. Don’t use “ifs” or slip into blaming in your apologies own your apology and take responsibility for your actions.
  10. Don’t put anyone down. This is one of the worst things you can do. It’s disrespectful and harms any relationship especially if it is done in public.
  11. Stop negative thoughts about other people when you begin to think about them. This practice can become a habit, and when it does, you’ll get out of a negative mindset. You’ll be happier and less judgmental, too.
  12. Spend quality time with your kids. They need your time.
  13. Prioritise your family. Any regrets at the end life will not be about work or money they will be about people make them your priority.
  14. Don’t try For all of the above trying is not enough you have to do, make a decision and take action eliminate to try from your vocabulary.