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The anxiety trap

The anxiety trap

Can I get better?

Jane was 28 years old and had experienced poor mental health since the age of 13 after 2 family bereavements, one being through suicide. She explained that she was in a constant state of anxiety and had severe physical stomach problems. Jane had been back and forth to doctors and hospitals to find the cause of her physical pain. She was in a long-term relationship and had a 3-year-old son. Jane spent most days at home rarely went out and on the occasion, she did she always had her partner or close family with her. She wanted to feel better and had received counselling before I met her. The counselling had been unsuccessful she told me that she didn’t feel any better perhaps “a little worse”

Anxiety can present itself in many ways, a twisting in the gut; heart pounding; hot sweats; headaches; panic attacks; sickness and much more. Jane experienced a variety of these symptoms most of the time and had done for the previous 15 years.

I know from personal experience how debilitating anxiety can be how it can knot you up and stop you in your tracks the overwhelming feelings take over and your floored. I have learned how to take control and no longer let anxiety dominate and rule my life I have also helped hundreds of people to be able to do so.

I spent around 6 months helping Jane showing her some of the techniques my clients and I use and she managed to break out of the anxiety trap. She moved on to improve her relationship, started work her physical symptoms ceased and her social life improved in fact she is rarely in.

Jane is a true example of how we can get out of the trap and begin to live a more fulfilled and happy life after so many years of feeling there was no way out she did it and reaped the rewards.

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