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Time To Change

Out and about this week with UNISON, talking to the staff at Redditch Borough Council . On Wednesday we did a staff drop in day at the council building, we had plenty of people pop in for a cuppa and a chat. Some were just interested in what we were doing and wanted to learn more and some needed personal help, support or advice which we were able to give.

Thanks to Patti Hill and Joe Baker (Mayor and Deputy Mayor) who popped in to show support.DSCF7075






Laney Walsh (Unison) Patti Hill (Mayor) Neil Ordish (HeadGym) Joe Baker (Deputy Mayor)

Thursday we took a trip out to the depot in Redditch where we were able to do the same on location! Effectively taking the campaign out to staff that can’t get to the main building.

I am proud to be part of such a forward thinking campaign and to be so proactive, it is a real positive step taken in both Redditch and Bromsgrove signing the time for change pledge. Not only signing up but to also be following through with commitments and proactively aiming for well being at work.

It is clear to me that to take care of mental as well as physical well being is a “no brainer” for any business.

To support, understand and manage mental health at work can only improve productivity, lessen sickness rates and create a healthier happier environment for all which will ultimately save money. Employees feel more valued, supported, respected and therefore are happier and better motivated; building mutual respect and loyalty both ways, nurturing your staff is the way forward. The old ways of managing your staff with a “rod of iron” instilling “fear and dread” only create the opposite i.e. unhappy, undervalued employees with little respect or loyalty who feel trapped in jobs they don’t enjoy.

There is nothing better than going to work full of expectation and fully motivated to enjoy every day and enjoy being with the people around you. (Trust me I know)