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The STOP technique part 2

The STOP technique part 2

 Remember this?

it just might help with the STOP technique!

The journey continues on the yellow brick road with HeadGym 

A couple of weeks ago I introduced the  STOP  technique which is a great tool to add to your toolbox, although simple the changes can be huge as it works on a number of levels. If you want to continue on the yellow brick road with HeadGym then read on and keep following the blogs. This technique can be used in many different situations for example: thought distraction, general refocus, pain and phobia distraction, it’s not rocket science but it works.

When working with one of my clients they came up with this list of benefits that the STOP technique gave them when applied to stopping the use of some words.

It allows a pause and reflect moment for thinking about your reason for using the word.

k9850033It creates a positive habit in your thoughts prior to taking action

It helps move your focus into a positive mode in a split second

Therefore your intentions will be more positive

It makes you aware of yourself and others

You notice how your words can affect others

People around you are more likely to use similar words


Lets take it a step further and apply to some more language changes;

Think about some phrases you may use that can hold you back or may be counter productive or maybe provide justification, be just an excuse and have no basis or reasoning. You need to be really honest with yourself, it may take a little time for you to recognise them, it would be useful to work with a friend on this to help you identify some.

When you do identify one it can seem that there is little or no substance to why you say it, it may be something you have said for years or even that somebody else said to you, they may have even told you what or how you are (negative or positive) and you could well have taken on the phrase or accepted the associated role, behaviour and feelings. You may have heard people say “if we are told something enough times we start to believe it”,  with this in mind if we tell ourselves enough times in the positive we may just start to believe it too!

For now just go with the challenge and see what transpires.

Some examples

“That’s just what I do”   

“I will never change”

“I have always struggled with that”

“That’s just me”

“I’m not good with people”

Just follow the same principle and pick yourself up when you say or think these phrases, the same as with the word challenge and choose as many as you like. Now create new positive statements to replace them I have put a few examples below, it works best if you use your own.

Be brave, the more positive the phrase, the more effect they will have. Get into the STOP habit!



“That’s just what I do”   to   I am forward thinking”

“I will never change”     to     I have changed”

“I have always struggled with that”  to    “I have overcome that”

“That’s just me”   to    “I can adapt” 

“I’m not good with people”  to   ” I am good with people” or “I am great with people”


Have fun on the yellow brick road!



The most profitable investment is the one you’re making to your own health. Do not miss your chance to get stronger, healthier, self-confident and tons of positive energy! Sign up to the Headgym to build yourself esteem!

Look who I met on the yellow brick road

Look who I met on the yellow brick road


HeadGym clients have been using the STOP technique to help in many different ways, from changing language and dealing with negative thoughts to changing behaviours and habits.

This week one person used it as a technique for dealing with pain, while receiving an exploratory medical procedure they found themselves thinking about the treatment over and over and feeling more and more anxious. Realising what they were doing they used the STOP technique to distract themselves and change focus, they told me that once they did this “the time flew by”.

I  have also  been  working with a client on the HeadGym goals process who used the STOP technique and had eliminated the word TRY; many clients have picked this as one of the words they wish to change and found that in doing so they have made some great progress.

My client said “this is just like Yoda from the Empire Strikes Back” I mentioned that I had never seen the film and had no idea what they were talking about (the shame!). I went and looked at the clip and may even watch the film now.

HeadGym helps people help themselves

This is the clip below Luke is trying to raise a ship from the swamp.

Read the previous HeadGym blog and have a go at the STOP technique.

Swap a Try for a Do and see what happens.  Raise your ship!

The most profitable investment is the one you’re making to your own health. Do not miss your chance to get stronger, healthier, self-confident and tons of positive energy! Sign up to the Headgym to build yourself esteem!

The STOP technique part 1

The STOP technique part 1




Each week HeadGym will be posting a series of tips to help create positive changes and  maintain a healthy mind; they are simple and easy to use I wont be hitting you with psychobabble but I will be providing proven strategies that really work, all you have to do is use them and see what happens. There will be tasks and challenges it is up to you perhaps this could be a “time to change” for you.


Do nothing and nothing will happen

Do the same thing you get the same results

Do something different get different results

This week you get two tips in one the first tip is based on words and is really simple to do but you may be surprised at the results, remember the saying; there is no such word as can’t, it was my teachers favorite quote. I thought about that saying and adopted my own strategy loosely based on it and have been using it with clients for the last few years, it has proven to be one of the simplest and most powerful tools you can use.

The key is in the doing! things will start to change if you do the work and keep doing it!



For one week stop using 3 negative words and replace them with a positive, think of words you use often do this even if you only think the word and don’t say it.


Tip number two use the HeadGym STOP technique get a visual image of the stop sign in your head each time you think or say a word use this to instigate your change, shout the word in your head if it helps! make it vivid and bright you can even use sounds or songs. Here are a few suggestions STOP (Sam Brown), STOP in the name of love (The Supremes), STOP right now (Spice Girls)


Can’t to Can

Don’t to Do

Stressed to Calm

Depressed to Happy

As you complete this exercise notice what happens you might be surprised!

Look out for the next HeadGym post.

 This video may help with the process:

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The most profitable investment is the one you’re making to your own health. Do not miss your chance to get stronger, healthier, self-confident and tons of positive energy! Sign up to the Headgym to build yourself esteem!